ODRAN 'B' LIVAS is a performer, producer and educator that has collaborated on a wide range of musical genres and art forms. B. brings an intuitive understanding of live performance and song arrangement to the course.

EMMA JAY ASHTON is a successful singer songwriter who has spent the last decade traveling the globe writing, performing and collaborating. Also based in Portugal, she continues to work on international projects and a stint as composer in residence for a musical drama project in South Korea. Emma has a unique creative vision and a wealth of musical ideas to share.

RIIC WOLF is an emerging talented singer songwriter and performer based in Portugal. He has released both solo and collaborative projects. He has a first hand knowledge of the music industry, having penned a number of commercially successful songs and is currently the lead singer for legendary Portuguese band Blasted Mechanism. Riic has an unrivalled perception of melody and song writing.

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